13 November 2015

Cupcake Balloons | Tutorial

Are you running a bake sale today for Children In Need? Or are you just planning the finishing touches to some special party cupcakes?
Now, we all know that no party is complete without balloons! So we like any excuse to add even more balloons to the party d├ęcor. After completing all our Children In Need inspired bakes, we've been topping off our cupcake treats with  mini balloons to add a burst of extra colour and fun!
It's so simple to create at home, or at your very own bake sale! Just take a colourful balloon and inflate but don't fill the balloon as we want it to stay quite small. (We used our Pearled Teal Balloons for ours!)

Next we advise taking your cocktail stick and wrapping a small piece of masking tape or washi tape around the top end to soften the spike and stop it popping your balloon!

Take some pretty ribbon or string and tie your mini balloon to the top of the cocktail stick. (You could also use a little dab of hot glue to secure your balloon and make sure it stays in place.) Once this is secured, push the sharp end of the cocktail stick into the top of the cupcakes.

All that is left is to present your cute balloon cupcakes in pride of place! Sure to win you a few more customers if you are running a Children In Need bake sale too!

Fancy getting a little bit more crafty with your cake toppers? Try our stylish Mini Bunting Cake Topper Tutorial to create your own strings of colourful cake bunting using some good old washi tape!

What do you think of our cute cupcake balloons?