6 November 2015

Three Tips to Get The Gatsby Look

The popularity of a Gatsby party is still going strong. The glamour of the 1920s decade is a big draw for party planners all over, and it is often a popular party theme for NYE parties (yes, it's time to start planning for that!).

If you are thinking to host a Great Gatsby themed event, or have a 1920s inspired party invite tucked into your diary, then some glamorous fancy dress is a must! There are just three top tips you need to follow in order to get the look:

Showtime Flapper Dress   |   Jazzy Flapper Dress   |   Godfather Gangster   |   1920s Star
1. Dress Up or Suit Up
For the ladies, there is no other way to channel your inner Gatsby spirit that with a fabulous flapper dress. With the all important fringing so you can really show off your Charleston moves when you take to the dance floor. For the fellas, suit up! Whether you go for a stereotypical gangster, or the more comedic Charlie Chaplin look, looking smart is a must.

1920s Black Bob   |   Curly Flapper Wig   |   The Investigator Tash   |   Moustache Pack
2. The Hair
For the ladies this of course means a classy bob. The men, its more about the facial hair! No gentleman was complete in the 1920s without a well groomed moustache. You could even by a multi-pack of stick on moustaches to keep all your guests appropriately tash'ed when they arrive at the party!

1920s Pearl Necklace   |   Charleston Headband    |   Jumbo Cigar   |   Tommy Gun
 3. The Accessories
 Complete the glamour with some pearls and an essential Gastby headband. For the guys, get into character with a novelty giant cigar or a tommy gun.

But most importantly! Remember to take plenty of photos to remember how glamorous everyone looks! A photobooth is always a great way to capture candid snaps of each and every guest, throw in some 1920s props too! Download our 1920s Prop Box to make your very own DIY Gatsby photobooth!

Do you have a Gatsby Party coming up soon?