21 September 2015

Three Rugby World Cup Essentials

 The Rugby World Cup is upon us, and as the hosts, we need to be as supportive as ever! No matter where you are from or who you support, we've got all you need to show your true colours.  These are our top three essentials to show your support and cheer on your team this month.

Irish Flag   |   Welsh Flag   |   Scottish Flag   |   Italian Flag   |   Australian Flag
1. Flags
Whether you are decorating a public venue, the pub, work or just your home, fly the flag of your nation. In fact, you can fly the flag in whatever way you wish, from small hand waving flags, to table covers - you can even cover your car in the St George Flag! We also have a range of flag bunting you can hang up too!

Welsh Balloon   |   Ireland Flag Balloon   |   English Shirt Balloon   |   USA Balloon

2. Balloons
We love any excuse to fill the room with balloons, and the Rugby World Cup is no exception. These flag balloons are great, but if you are trying to remain somewhat neutral, then the Rugby Ball Balloon is the perfect way to show your support for the competition.
Red Mohawk   |   St George Afro   |   Blue Mohawk Wig

3. Wigs
The best way to add some colour on match day. Perfect for those lucky one of have tickets to see a match, but you can also wear them down the pub with your mates for a good laugh and an afternoon of rugby. From Mohawks, to Tinsel Wigs, to Afros, pick the wig which best matching he colour of your favourite team's kit. Great teamed with a little bit of facepaint too!

Shop all this online and in store at Flingers Party Shop on Gloucester Road, Bristol. Be quick before you miss it!

Who will you be supporting during the 2015 Rugby World Cup?