14 October 2016

Behind the Candy Skull Meaning

Day of the Dead celebrations are becoming more and more common at Halloween events around the UK, and the popularity of candy skulls has grown so much over the past few years. But do you know the symbolism of these colourfully designed sugar skulls?

If you know the meaning of Day of the Dead celebrations, you'll know that it is a Mexican holiday celebrating and honouring the spirits of loved ones who have passed away. As with the many other traditions of the day, the skull symbolizes death but in a colourful positive manner. 

Skulls are intricately decorated with vivid flowers and patterns to capture the spirit of the person they represent. Many Mexican will take sugar skulls and leave them on the altar of a local church, or place them on the grave of a deceased family member. The act invites the spirit of the passed person to come and join them in the upcoming Day of the Dead celebrations.

Most sugar skull designs are focused on colourful decorations around the eyes, usually with bold flower designs. This is because flowers are thought to symbolize life, so the more colourful the better. Cob webs are also a common feature, these symbolize death as a contrast. Often, lit candles are placed inside skulls, so the glow of the flame can be seen inside the eyes and is a sign of remembrance.

Other elements added to the candy skull design can be used to illustrate and customise the skull to most accurately capture aspects of the personality and spirit of the person they represent.

Will you be embracing the Day of the Dead holiday this Halloween? To celebrate death rather than spook your guests with gruesome ghosts and ghouls as is the typical association in the UK!

Get creative with the make up this Halloween and be inspired by the colourful candy skull designs. Use our Candy Skull Face Paint Kit to complete your Day of the Dead costume for the full effect.

Or grab yourself a colourful mask to quickly add the candy skull look to your outfit at the end of the month. Top off with a bold Day of the Dead Rose Headband for full symbolism and candy skull tradition!