7 April 2016

Party Hat Hacks

The simple party hat is a classic staple of celebrations all across the land. Have you ever thought about jazzing up a simple party hat to match your party theme or colour scheme? There are so many ways to customise these simple paper hats, turning them into an even more colourful and fun party accessory for your guests.

From sophisticated hen party flower hats, colourful monster inspired party hats to garland decorations! It's surprising what a paper party hat can become with a little creativity thrown in! Check out our favourite DIY party hat tutorials below....

Colourful Confetti Party Hats
These abstract customised party hats are so simple to create and add a sophisticated edge to the simple party hat. Personalise to suit your own party colour scheme or throw in a bit glitter for some added sparkle if you like!

DIY Monster Party Hats
How adorable are these paper hat creatures! If you're planning a monster themed event, it's amazing what a few googly eyes and a bit of paper can achieve! Throw on a fluffy pom pom and these paper creatures have a life of their own.

Paper Hat DIY Garland
Turn left over paper party hats into a fun garland decoration! Get each kid at the party to customise one hat to make this a fun group activity at the party itself. Then everyone can feel proud of the feature party decoration as it hangs up above later on.

Some DIY ideas are super simple super fun. Add a simple paper bow and pom pom tip to crown the birthday girl or birthday boy and make sure they feel extra special on their big day!
Flower Crown Party Hat
A great grown up take on a DIY party hat. Perfect for sophisticated bridal showers, baby showers, and special birthdays. All it takes is a few fresh flowers, a glue gun and a party hat!

Stock up on paper party hats at Flingers to start getting creative! If you don't have much time to get crafty, don't worry. With our range of party hats in all sorts of colours, styles and party themes, we're sure you'll find the perfect match for your upcoming celebration.

Are you inspired to start customising party hats for your next celebration?