27 April 2016

Chic Wedding Balloon Inspiration

Putting those final touches to your wedding venue? Or just looking for some quirky decoration inspiration?  Done in the right way, balloons can be used as stylish decorations to add to the sense of celebration. Unusual large bubble and orb balloons are a match made in heaven for alternative wedding décor - both fun and chic.

We've picked out our favourite ways to use big balloons as a stylish feature to impress the wedding guests.

Confetti Balloons
Add some colour to big bubble balloons with confetti, co-ordinated to the wedding colour scheme. A fun addition to any wedding venue décor!

Top Table Balloons
Pristine white bubble balloons can create a great fun feature for any wedding top table, or buffet stand.

DIY Fringe Balloons
For those who enjoy a handmade touch to the wedding décor, get creative by adding some crepe tassels and fringing to large helium balloons.

Wedding Photo Props
Use large helium bubble balloons as a quirky prop to create memorable wedding photographs. It is a celebration after all!

Garden Ceremony Balloon Feature
The simplicity of these large floating balloons in this settling is a beautiful way to decorate a chic outdoor garden wedding.

Balloon Backdrop Wall
Design a huge balloon backdrop for the ceremony or as part of the wedding photo booth background. It will truly impress your guests and help create amazing snaps to remember the big day by.

So all you need to brighten up your celebration is some helium and a who heap of balloons! Easy.

Will you be using balloons as stylish wedding decorations this year?