15 June 2016

Tipsy Teacup Cocktails

A classic afternoon tea is as popular as ever for celebrating special occasions. From big birthdays and hen parties to just catching up with friends. In recent weeks, we've noticed that the release of the latest Alice in Wonderland film has certainly inspired many a Mad Hatter Tea Party!

If you are planning a quirky afternoon tea or party at home, why not make your cocktails that extra special too. Serving cocktails in teapots and teacups is a popular trend at stylish bars up and down the land. Infusing tea into your cocktails is so easy and will result in a delicious drink to really impress your friends!

We've picked out a few of our favourite teacup cocktail recipes that we think are ideal for an adults Mad Hatter inspired tea! Mix up a big batch in a quirky teapot and let your guests help themselves.

A popular tea for many, mix up this camomile infusion to make a chilled out cocktail at home. A tea full of great health benefits - the odd splash of cognac isn't too bad for you is it?!

What a delicious sounding mix of green tea and sweet strawberries! We think this tea infused cocktail is perfect for summer garden parties!

This super simple recipe to Russian up your iced tea calls for a splash of vodka and a lemon garnish. Sounds easy right?

This very tasty looking gin based cocktail is for those looking to step up their cocktail making game. Calling for egg whites, star anise, bitters and pink grapefruit juice too.

Another tea favourite! Bring out the flavours of Earl Grey Tea to add some depth to your home made cocktails. Get the recipe here.

Get fruity with this sweet cocktail recipe for a refreshing summer drink. Leave out the alcohol, for a delicious fruity drink all your party guests can enjoy.

Will you be trying out any of these fun and tasty teacup cocktail ideas?