21 June 2016

Festival Garden Party

You may have noticed that Glastonbury is taking place this weekend... The world famous festival will see hundreds and thousands of revellers travelling to Worthy Farm in Somerset for a long weekend of music, mayhem and camping.

If you're not heading down, are you cursing your bad luck at not being able to buy tickets? Or is the mud-famous festival just not really your thing?

Well, why not put together you own personal mini-version of Glastonbury instead? With the weather set to be warm this weekend, it is a great excuse to gather your friends at home and get into the festival spirit from the comfort of your own back garden!

No mud. Access to showers. Plus, you can to sleep in your own bed at night! Win win win!

We've been pinning lots of awesome festival inspired ideas for ways to decorate and add a bit of Glastonbury fever to your own home this weekend. It's all about creating a fantastical festival setting by hanging as many colourful decorations up as you can get your hands on.

Think bunting, DIY tassel garlands, pom poms, lanterns, crepe streamers and fairy lights too. Pile up lots of throws, blankets and cushions to laze on for a more luxurious festival experience. Enjoy lots of great food and plenty of music (you can even live stream the real thing to pretend you are there!). Then, when the sun sets, it's time to bring out the glow sticks and sparklers to keep the festival spirit going.

Will you be heading to Glastonbury, or planning your own DIY Glasto at home?