17 June 2016

Football Crazy Party Mad

Football fever has taken over Europe. With the opening games of the Euros 2016 under way, which team has your support?

Whether you are supporting your home nation, championing the underdogs or following the old favourites. Most important of all is to support the sport of football! If you are inviting all your friends around to watch the footy at home, or planning a local event to watch the games with fellow football fans, then we can help you get into the spirit of the game and set the scene.

Stock up on all the best football party decorations, tableware and themed accessories to plan the ultimate football bash. From big football balloons to grass table covers! There is plenty to chose from to go football crazy at your next party.

1. Grass Pitch Tablecover - £2.99
2. Cardboard Lunch Boxes - £1.99 for 6
3. 22" Football Foil Balloon - £1.99
4. Football Print Paper Cups - £1.99 for 8
5. Football Design Paper Plates - £2.39 for 8
6. Latex Football Balloon Pack - from £2.39
7. Football Party Bags - £0.99 for 8
8. Football Lunch Napkins - £2.29
9. Football PiƱata - £11.99
10. Soccer Ball Toothpick Candles - £2.69