8 June 2016

Baby Shower Gaming

If you are planning a baby shower, then you know how important games can be to make the whole party a fun and relaxing occasion for the Mum To Be.

Use simple baby shower games to get all the guests familiar with each other and chatting away (especially useful if the Mum To Be has a wide ranging group of friends who may not all know each other beforehand). Games are also a great way to spoil the Mum To Be, letting her know just how well loved and well known she is by her closest friends and family.

We've picked out our favourite baby shower games and party ideas that we have in stock right now. Grab the perfect party game to make sure the baby shower you are planning is full of giggles, good memories and lots of fun!

1. Baby Shower Bingo - £2.99
A quick round of bingo to break the ice is a great start to any baby shower!

2. Baby Shower Ball Toss Game - £4.69
Comes with a colourful inflatable ball to help you follow all the rules of this simple card game. Includes dares, giggles and a few revealing truths!

3. Pin the Dummy on the Baby - £4.29
The classic party game, but with a baby shower twist! 

4. Tiny Bundle Party Game Book - £1.89
A collection of simple baby shower games to entertain up to 12 people.

5. Mummy's Tummy Measuring Game - £3.69
Can you cut a length of tape to perfectly wrap around the baby bump?

6. 24 Challenge Cards - £2.79
A set of 24 cards, each containing a challenge or mini competition for the Mum To Be to judge.

7. New Baby Predictions - £2.79
Get competitive as you all place your guesses on the baby's weight, sex and date of birth. Then seal them all in the envelope included until the baby arrives and the winner can be announced.

8. Baby Bib Customisation Kit - £6.99
Get creative at the baby shower and design 6 unique bibs - a great keepsake for Mum To Be (and will also no doubt come in very handy!).

 9. Baby Shower Photo Booth Props - £3.29
 Less of a game, but it's important to make sure you get plenty of snaps throughout the baby shower. And this pack of photo props will ensure you get many hilarious photos to remember the special day.

All these and many more fun baby shower party games are available to buy online or in store at Flinger Party Shop!