23 April 2015

DIY St George's Rose

 Happy St George's Day! Traditionally, those who celebrate this day and the patron saint of England wear a bright red rose pinned to their chest. In much the same way as the Welsh wear a daffodil or a leek on St David's Day and the Scots proudly wear a thistle for St Andrew's Day.

If you haven't popped past a the florist this morning but would still like to take the opportunity to get involved with St George's Day, there is still time! Just grab yourself some red paper and a scissors and try out this 5 minute crafty tutorial to make your very own paper rose.

All you need;
- Red Paper
- Scissors
- An Eraser
- A Pencil
- Something to draw around (Glass, mug, etc.)
- Double Sided Tape / Glue

What you do;

1. Lightly draw a circle on your piece of red paper. 

2. Using this outline as a guide, draw a squiggly line around the edge of the circle. Use this wobbly line to cut out your circle. 
3. Then draw a squiggly swirl from the edge of the circle to the very centre.
4. Begin rolling up your circular strip of paper. Keep it as tight as you can to begin, use a pin or a thin pencil to roll the paper around if this will help. You could even roll it around a green wooden stick, that can act as the stem of the rose!
5. Once you have rolled up all the paper allow it to loosen slightly and form the natural shape of the rose. Use a small piece of double sided tape or dab a dot of glue on the end of the paper strip to seal it in place.

Then use a pin to attach it to the collar of your coat or the pocket of your shirt and feel proud of your crafty St George's Day creation!

Are you celebrating St George's Day today?