21 April 2015

Pinåta Cookies Please!

Like cookies, piånatas, unicorns AND sweets? Then these Pinåta cookies are a MUST!

We spotted these on sheknows.com whilst looking for ideas to get baking with our Unicorn Cookie Cutters. These colourful biscuits were designed as a treat for an upcoming Cinco de Mayo party. But we think they are perfect for brightening up any kids party - especially any magical princess or fantasy unicorn themed party!
Multicolour Pinåta Cookies - sheknows.com

Find the tutorial (and even a handy video) for how to make these magical biscuits and get ready to brighten up your kitchen with lots of colourful cookie dough! If you are worried that you don't have time to make all the individual colours of batter for your own stripy unicorn creatures, you could use one or two food colourings instead. They have to be at least a little bit colourful mind, it seems like it would be a crime for them not to be!

Grab yourself some Unicorn Cookie Cutters and all the kitchen baking essentials you'll need and get lost in the world of Pinåta cookies this weekend! Team with a real Unicorn Pinåta for magical pinåta fun all around! 

Will you be giving this colourful recipe a go?