29 April 2015

Number Balloon Ideas

Number balloons are fun ways to celebrate a special birthday. But they can also be used as part of the party décor, even using giant helium balloon numbers to create a stand out feature wall! This is particularity perfect for NYE events, but can be created at all sorts of parties through the year too. Simply hang shimmery foil curtains, crepe streamers or strings of twirling decorations behind your helium numbers for a simple but effect feature decoration to impress your guests.

We've been busy finding party inspiration on pinterest, and love the idea of attaching smaller semi-inflated balloons to or around number balloons to make them even more interesting. You could even create your own crepe tassel garland to hang from or surround your number balloons for a quirky touch. Hang up a few extra paper pom poms or lanterns for extra shape and texture!

Number balloons can also have practical uses! A great and an colourful way to set out the table numbers at a wedding reception or big event.

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