16 September 2015

Mini Cake Bunting | DIY Tutorial

We're in the middle of National Cupcake Week, and in the spirit of all things cake, we've been busy making some pretty mini bunting to put the finishing touches to this delicious cake!

Follow or step by step tutorial to create your own DIY cake bunting! Perfect for personalising any cake for extra bonus points on your presentation skills! Using our old favourite, washi tape, means that your bunting can also be perfectly co-ordinated to whatever colour scheme or party theme you have in mind.

All you need;
Washi Tape
Bamboo Cocktail Sticks
Make your own mini cake bunting:
1. Cut roughly 2 inch pieces of washi tape. Cut a piece of thread that is just slightly longer than the cake you wish to decorate. Fold pieces of tape in half over the thread you will be using to hang your bunting, making mini bunting pennants. (It doesn't need to be perfectly neat at this stage.) Space them out equally, and make as many as you wish!

2. Using a sharp pair of scissors, carefully trim your bunting flags in to your desired shapes. It can be the typical triangle, or you can keep them square, just trimming the edges to they are neat and tidy. 

3. Take a cocktail stick and carefully knot the end of the tread over the top. Secure with an extra piece of washi tape, which will also help to cover the spike too as well as neatly finishing the bunting pole. Repeat on the second stick.

4. Use the cocktail sticks to insert your mini bunting into the top of the cake. Then present, enjoy, and obviously eat some cake!

Will you be making some mini cake bunting too?