25 September 2015

England v Wales - Free Face Paint Stencils

Get your Welsh flag bunting or your English flag bunting ready!
 The Rugby World Cup is well underway and this weekend is set for a fair few games which are set to entertain us. England v Wales, is always a great game whatever the occasion. But with the world cup at play, this is set to be a big decider game.

So which side will you be cheering for on Saturday?

Show your support by decking your homes and yourselves out in the colours of your home nation. From bunting, to flags, to pom poms to balloons, to wigs! The list is endless - just don't forget the face paint too.

We've created some free DIY Face Paint Templates for you to use this weekend and support for your team, be that Wales or England. Simply download our free template, carefully cut out the stencils, then apply paint to your cheeks and get ready to cheer on your team!
Download free face painting stencils for this weekend's England v Wales Rugby World Cup Match.
There is still time to grab a pot of face paint before kick off Saturday at 8pm and be ready to shoe your true colours!

Who will you be cheering on this weekend?