22 October 2015

Creative Pumpkin Ideas

Looking for a goo-free pumpkin carving session this year? Or just looking to get more creative with your pumpkin creations?

There are a million ways you can decorate and customise pumpkins without having to get a big spoon and start digging out those messy pumpkin insides! With a little imagination, you can have stylish pumpkins with minimal mess! Check out our top 5 ways to customise pumpkins this Halloween and create a stylish feature to decorate any Halloween event with.

Glittertastic Pumpkins   |   Dip Dye Mini Pumpkins
1. Go Glitter!
Turn your pumpkins into sparkling wonders this Halloween.  Follow glitterinc.com's DIY tutorial to recreate these stylish dip dye glittery wonders.

One Step Stocking Pumpkins   |   Lace Pumpkin DIY
 2. Laced Up Pumpkins
Those pretty lace stockings or patterned tights with the hole in that you'll probably never wear again? Well put them to good use once and for all with one of the easiest but most effective approaches to pumpkin decoration! Get the tutorial here.

Chalkboard Pumpkins   |   Painted Pumpkins
 3. Get your Paintbrushes Out
Perfect for getting messy with the kids, grab some paint, few paint brushes and viola! Find top tips on painting your pumpkins this Halloween with Melissa at honeybeevintage.com. Or open a tin of chalkboard paint to make your pumpkins customisable on the big night! It's a new take on the guest book anyway!

Ribbon Pumpkins   |    Washi Tape Pumpkins
4. Washi Tape does Halloween
Want to go for a more simple and stylish pumpkin look this Halloween? Grab a roll of sticky backed ribbon or even our old favourite Washi Tape, and add rings of colour to your pumpkins.

Swarm of Bats Pumpkin   |   Moustache Pumpkins
5. Paper Cut Pumpkins
Goo-free, paint-free and mess-free! For those of your out there who are more into paper crafts, then get your scalpel out this Halloween. Clever additions can even add some personality to your gang of pumpkins this October!

 Do you enjoy carving pumpkins at this time of year? Or are you keen to try those gloop-free ideas?