20 October 2015

Your Halloween Accessories - Under £5

To perfect your fancy dress, we all know it's the little details which make it. That's why we have tons of awesome Halloween accessories for less than £5!

Check out our top accessories to complete your look this Halloween. 

1. Black Cat Kit £2.99
From the ears, to the tail, to the bow tie, this Black Cat Kit will have you wishing bad luck upon anyone who's path you cross this Halloween.

2. Devil Horns £1.59
The classic go to Halloween accessory! A pair of PVC red devil horns is sure to spice up your fancy dress this Halloween.

3. Hatchet Through The Head £2.49
Had an horrific accident? This novelty headband will see to that!

4. Vampire Fang & Make Up Kit £4.69
Grab the complete Vampire Make Up Kit for less than a fiver! Complete with all the paint, sponges,  fangs, fake blood and instructions to perfect your vampire look.

5. Gruesome Wound from £2.29
Whatever your costume, throw in some added gore with bloody fake wounds. From gory bullet holes to vampire bites, what type of wound will complete your Halloween character?

6. Mini Vamp Cape £4.49
For those who like the taste of blood on Halloween - get the vampire look with this mini high collar cape.

7. Spider Web Lace Gloves £4.49
Whether you are going as a gothic bride, wicked witch or any endless stream of spooky characters, these spider web inspired lace gloves will be sure to add a touch of glamour to your ghoulish look.

8. Mini Witch Hat  £4.69
Top off the witchy look with this deluxe hat, complete with gothic veiling. Plus comes in black too!

9. Authentic Witches Broom £1.99
We all know no wizard or witch it complete without their trusty boom!

All this and much much more is available online and in store at Flingers Party Shop.
With delivery from just £1.40 or try our FREE Click and Collect Service to get your Halloween essentials before you miss out. Order now, whilst stocks last!

What are you planning to dress up as this Halloween?