23 May 2016

DIY Washi Tape Cake Picks

If you know us here at Flingers, you will know that we're always happy to find different ways to use washi tape to brighten up our day. Following on from our Mini Cake Bunting Tutorial last year, we have been getting creative yet again with this colourful tape in the name of cute cake decorations!

Cake picks are a simple and fun way to add a touch a colour to cupcakes and sponges. Adding that extra bit of decoration to finish off your cake or cupcakes to pull the whole celebration together! So follow our super simple tutorial to make your own ruffled cake toppers at home.

How to Make Washi Tape Cake Picks

1. All you need to make your own DIY cake toppers are some rolls of washi tape, scissors and cocktail sticks. Sounds simple right? It is!

2. Decide which colour you you want to make your skewers. Take the roll and using a continuous piece of tape, start making 2cm folds along the tape in a concertina style way.

3. Remember to keep the first 2-3cm of the washi tape free as you will be using this to hold the ruffles together.

4. You can make your washi tape ruffles as voluminous or as simple as you like. We folded our tape 5-6 times, but you can fold them more than this if you want to make a fuller pick.

5. With your folded washi tape still connected to the roll, take a cocktail stick and insert this into the centre of all the folds.

6. Carefully align the starting piece of washi tape with the rest of the roll to close your ruffle around the stick. They should be sticky side together so no need to use glue.

7. Use a scissors to snip off your ruffle from the main roll. You can also use a sharp scissors to carefully trim any edges which need neatening up too.

8. Add some texture by again using the scissors to fringe the tape and use your fingers to give the ruffle have more volume.

9. Repeat the process until you have all the cupcake pick toppers you need.

10. Then arrange your picks on your cake, and complete your celebration cake!

If you don't have time to make your own washi tape skewers at home, then you can always pick up some ready to go fun cake toppers at Flingers. From mini pinwheels decorations to tropical pom pom picks!

Do you like making your own DIY cake toppers?