16 May 2016

Festival Diary - 2016 Themes

As Summer season approaches, it's time to start planning your festival fancy dress. Each year, some of the UK's biggest festivals put together a unique theme for all it's festival-goers to get involved with, fancy dress and all.

Check out our list of all our favourite festivals this year and what is the 2016 fancy dress theme you need to be aware of if you are heading along.

14th-17th July, Suffolk
This year is all about 'Love Thy Neighbour'. The theme applies not only to fancy dress, but also the artistic exhibitions and theatrical performances that run along side the music at this ever-growing festival.

Secret Garden Party
21st-24th July, Cambridgeshire
2016 sees SGP is going galactic. Exploring the quirky side of sci-fi, 'The Gardeners of the Galaxy' theme comes with a guide to the galaxy, promoting friendship, consideration and fun to all those who will be joining the party.

Kendal Calling
28th-31st July, Lake District
It's set to be a 'Carnival of Colour' in the Lake District this year. Think samba dancing, tropical headwear, lots of colourful face paints and so many feathers!

Standon Calling
29th-31st July, Hertfordshire
Explore the 'Legends of the Lost Sea' this Summer. So grab your pirate gear, pick up the most sea-worthy beard you can find and a parrot to adorn your shoulder before setting sail for Standon Calling.

Boomtown Fair
11th-14th August, Hampshire
A festival that always draws a fancy dress crowd, follow the latest developments of your City District. 'The Revolution Starts Now, so whatever side you're on, grab your fancy dress and join in with Chapter 8 of Boomtown's on-going story.

8th-11th September, Isle of Wight
But one of the best festivals for fancy dress, is the festival the rounds off the Summer. For 2016, Bestival is looking to 'The Future'. Think astronauts, think cyber, think aliens, think UV and neon face paints. The more creative the better at this UK festival.

Will you be spending your Summer at any of these UK fancy dress festivals?