27 May 2016

Glitter Ice Cube Fun

With yet another bank holiday weekend upon us, and some warm weather to enjoy as well, we think it is going to be a good one.

At the start of May, as a heatwave approached, we made a list of some of the tastiest and fruitiest cocktails to keep us cool. We think that this bank holiday calls once again for refreshing cocktails to keep us cool! And in order to keep those cocktail cool, we've prepared a big batch of ice cube. But ice cubes with a difference...

Add a touch of sparkle to your weekend, by adding some sparkle to your drinks!

Having dug out a few pots of edible glitter that we had lingering at the back of the baking cupboard, we decided to add a touch of colour to brighten up our ice cubes.

Top tip! Double boil distilled water to prevent your ice cubes from clouding over and hiding their shimmery contents!

Then once the water has cooled, fill your ice cube trays with the water. Sprinkle on some chunky glitter, we used shimmery red glitter, a touch of gold and also so edible silver star flakes too. (If you are planning a golden birthday or a silver anniversary party, then you could even theme your glittery ice cubes to match!) Once you've added the glitter, pop the tray in the freezer for the ice set. 

As the ice cubes melt, prepare for your weekend cocktails to get even more colourful!

We think these glittery cubes, are going to be perfect teamed with fruit-filled ice cubes to take your drinks up another notch!
Fruity ice cubes are great for adding an extra tropical touch to your homemade cocktails, or for infusing water / juice with some fruity flavour - all whilst keep your drinks chilled. 

Will you be trying out glitter ice cubes soon?