5 August 2016

Olympic Cocktail | The Caipirinha

It only feels like the London Olympic opening ceremony happened last year, but somehow it's already four years later and the 2016 Olympics are here. This time, it's the turn of Brazil to host the sporting spectacular.

Whilst Southern America may seem far far away, get into the spirit of the Braziallian culture whilst enjoying this Summer's games. We think this calls for a Caipirinha!! Well, it is the national cocktail of Brazil! So what cocktail could be more fitting to enjoy on a summer's evening.

Don't know how to muddle a Caipirinha? Don't worry, we have the super simple recipe for you.


  • A fresh lime 
  • Sugar
  • Ice
  • Cachaca

Muddle your Caipirinhas:
  1. Chop your lime into eight wedges and put 3-4 wedges in each glass. 
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar (or two if you have a sweet tooth!) The finer the sugar the better.
  3. Use a muddle (or a wooden spoon) to mash the limes into the base of the glass. 
  4. Fill the glass with ice. 
  5. Pour over a hearty measure of Cachaca.
  6. Throw in some straws and enjoy!
Whilst cachaca is key to an authentic Caipirinha, you can easily substitute it with your favourite vodka instead. Turning your Caipirinha into a Caipiroshka. If Vodka isn't your drink of choice, then throw in a splash of white rum and you will have a zesty Caipiríssima to enjoy instead!

Will you be mixing up a batch of Caipirinhas during the coming weeks?