11 August 2016

Office Olympics - Let the Games Commence

The Olympics are well under way! Whilst many of us will never come close to the sporting prowess of those top Olympians competing in Rio this Summer, there is no reason you can join in the fun!

Plan an office Olympics to sort the 'Usain Bolt's from the 'Eddie The Eagle's and discover which of your colleagues are competitive and which ones are true champions! We've picked out a few fun ways to bring a little bit of the Rio sporting spirit to your workplace.

Office Olympics - Let the Games Commence

Rubbish Bin Shotput
Scrunch up bits of scrap paper and see who can get those most shots to land in the bin. Set different distances so the rounds get harder under there is only one winner.

Paper Plane Javelin
Who doesn't love making paper planes? The challenge here though is who can make them travel the furthest. Bonus points for dramatic loops and aerial displays!

Hula Hoop Championships
Grab a hula hoop on your way into work. Appoint a team of judges to assess everyone's hula hooping skills and award points out of 10 for flare, flamboyance and finish!

Synchronised Desk Chair Spin-mnastics
Team up in pairs and choreograph the best synchronised desk chair dances. Automatic disqualification for anyone's bum leaving their seats!

Rubber Band Archery
Grab a handful of rubber bands, create an archery style target board, and get ready to flick your elastic bands at the bullseye! Set up your teams and get an independent adjudicator to keep score.

All you need after a busy day as a true Office Olympian is a strong cuppa tea and a medal ceremony of course! Award your reigning champions with their very own gold medal to proudly display on their desks. Then, in 4 years time, they can defend their title and their office Olympic records!