10 August 2016

Boomtown Districts 2016

Who's heading to Boomtown this weekend? We hope you haven't forgotten your fancy dress? Boomtown is one of the best festivals around for immersive arts, abstract performance and for letting your imagination run wild!

A festival that has been running for many years, with an elaborate back story running through it the whole time. The festival site is split into several distinct districts, full of wacky characters, thematic performances and an individual genre of music. And with each district there is a distinct fancy dress theme for you to throw yourself into the spirit of the festival.

So which district would be your ideal zone?

Barrio Loco 
A carnival atmosphere full of Latino spirit and colour.

Neon adverts. Digital revolutions. Technology and trading. Welcome to Chinatown, a mash up of old and new. Think arcade buzz, flashing lights, 16 bit video games, market stalls and level ups.

Little is off limits in this district. Illicit vices and fleeting pleasures attract Boomtowners to this ramshackle slum of cyborgs, mobsters, virus infected beings, alleyways and dark corners...

Wild West
Get lost in the town where corrupt Sheriffs, outlaws, saloon girls and bounty hunters run rife.

Mayfair Avenue
A district for those with a taste for the finer things in life. A playground for the wealthy where money talks, but just watch out for the rumoured Boominati...

Old Town
A run stained hideaway for salty sea dogs, long lost sailors, and wenches.

Which Boomtown district do you belong in?