31 July 2015

Grilled Marshmallow Bananas | Recipe

This weekend calls for a BBQ. The sun has made an appearance and it is beginning to feel like Summer again.

Now, we're all fans of the traditional BBQ foods, but a good BBQ party is always finished off with a great grilled desert! When we spotted these chocolate and marshmallow filled grilled bananas, our mouths began watering.

You can find out how to create these s'more inspired BBQ banana treats on homecookingmemories.com. Great for tricking the kids into eating one of their five-a-day. Or if you want to avoid the potential sugar overload, substitute some the chocolate with almonds, coconut or granola. Drizzle with honey for an extra treat!
BBQs don't have to be just burgers and potato salad! These BBQ Banana Bars are a simple yet fruity desert idea you can make on the grill to suit young and old with a variety of different toppings. Or try out our other healthy grilled desert idea, Glazed BBQ Stawberry Skewers. Bring on the BBQ.

Will you be holding a BBQ this weekend?