1 July 2015

Inflatable Zoo Party

If you're looking to plan the best birthday party for an animal-loving kid, why not put together their very own zoo for the day? With a little imagination, creativity and special touches, you could design an inflatable zoo party filled with wild animals and cute creatures!

Inflatable animals are a hassle-free and mess-free way to incorporate animals into a celebration, without having to fork out for tickets to the local zoo!

These air-filled creatures are also great for jungle themed or even tropical island inspired parties. Throw in a few inflatable palm trees and bananas for added tropical decoration and you're almost there!
Inflatable Parrot    |   Inflatable Snake   |   Inflatable Palm Tree   |   Inflatable Shark

Set the scene with a ocean backdrop behind a ferocious shark or inflatable crocodile. Intertwine a scary snake around some vine-like green streamers for a faux jungle scene. Or if you feel like you could be an even cheekier chimp than our inflatable monkey, bring the animals to life and show your wild side with a brilliant monkey suit instead!

Shop all these wild inflatable animals and more online or in store ready for a summer of exotic animal parties!

Are you brave enough to plan a wild zoo party?