17 July 2015

Graduation 2015

It's that time of year again. When lots of hard working students all over the country get to doff their mortarboards and celebrate their academic achievements.

Mortarboard Confetti
A time for friends and family to show how proud they are. It's not something everyone gets to experience, and many will only experience it one in a lifetime. So a graduation is always worth celebrating! Get ready to throw some mortarboard graduation confetti during the traditional photograph throwing the mortarboard in the air!

Or if you are planning a special lunch with all the family, then sophisticated graduation tableware is what you need to get in the spirit of the occasion. Unfurl the banners and get the balloons bobbing away too!

Celebrate the students amongst us as they step into the next stage of their lives and begin their careers. Or there are those who are going onto another degree! Which is equally worth celebrating!
Graduation Balloons

Do you know anyone who is graduating this summer?