10 July 2015

DIY Straw Garlands

Looking for a simple party hack to use up all those extra straws you inevitably end up with at parties? Why not turn them into a colourful straw garland?

It's very easy DIY crafty activity that is perfect for kids as it doesn't use scissors or anything messy - just simple straws! We first saw this crafty idea on crafthunter.com.au, and had to give it a go ourselves.

Simple enough to make to fit any party colour scheme. Plus, it's so cheap to do at home! A pack of 50 colourful party straws would set you back less than a pound!  We think stripy straws would be perfect for this DIY idea, making an even quirkier and more graphic inspired party garland.

DIY Straw Party Garland
Make your own by following three easy steps:
Buy your party straws at Flingers, with a wide range of colours available to suit all your party needs!
1. Take one straw and bend at the flexi section. Then create a second bend that leaves approx 2cm overhang.
2. Pinch the end of the over hang, so that it will fit inside the open end and complete the triangle. 
 3. Repeat this process with more straws, remember to link each triangle to the next to form the chain.
 And you're done! We said it was simple!

Will you be making a colourful straw party garland?