20 October 2016

15 Halloween Accessories - That Won't Break the Bank

So you are planning your terrifying fancy dress and gruesome costumes ready for Halloween? But it's always important to remember that it is those extra accessories and touches that will bring your look to life!

Best of all, those essential fancy dress extras to add that final gruesome detail to you costume without busting your budget. We've picked out 15 Halloween fancy dress accessories that you can shop for less than £10. Some less than £3!

Whether you are going as a flirty but fun devil, a frightful vampire or celebrating Day of the Dead instead. These essential accessories will pull together your whole Halloween look!

Halloween Accessories Under £3
1. Lucky Black Cat Set - £2.99
2. Halloween Hockey Mask - £0.99
3. Black Out Tooth Paint - £2.99
4. PVC Devil Horns - £1.59
5. Hatchet to the Head - £2.49

Halloween Accessories Under £5
1. Spider Web Eye Lashes - £3.99
2. Mini Vamp Cape - £4.69
3. Vampire Make Up & Fangs Kit - £4.69
4. Skeleton Hold Ups - £3.99
5. Candy Skull Make Up Kit - £3.69

 Halloween Accessories Under £10
1. SeƱor Bones Mask - £7.99
2. Silver and Black Bewitching Wig (other colours available) - £9.99
3. Feathered and Veiled Witches Hat - £9.99
4. Zombie Latex and Make Up Kit - £6.99
5. Werewolf Hands - £9.99

All this and so much more spooky fancy dress extras and gruesome costume details are available to shop online and in store. Before stock runs out! Head to the website or shop in store at Gloucester Road, Bristol to pick up those Halloween party essentials!