28 October 2016

Creative Carving Halloween Fun

Will you be busy carving pumpkins this weekend? It's an activity that we love at this time of year and never fails to entertain kids and adults alike.

Whether you're going for the traditionally frightening pumpkin faces, or a more modern design, there is lots of ways to get creative with your pumpkin carving! Once you have read up on our top pumpkin carving tips, you'll be all set to design your own weird and wonderful pumpkins this Halloween!

Get inspired with these creative carving ideas.

Pumpkin Accessories
Use spare Halloween accessories and masks to add even more character to the traditional jack o'lantern design.  Credit

The Carnivore Pumpkin
Make your pumpkin a whole lot more frightening by trapping a mini pumpkin inside his mouth! Credit

Pumpkins to Keep at Arms Length
We discussed experimenting with different depths when carving, and this skeleton's arm design works great when just shaving off a thin layer so that the light eerily glows through. Credit

Dotty About Pumpkins
Go for a more minimal and modern take on pumpkin carving with a polka dot design. Get your drill out for this simple and fun way to alternatively carve your pumpkins! Credit & Tutorial

Twisted Vines
Skip the spooky pumpkin designs and go for a more grown up style. A pretty twisted vine pattern like this will create a stylish autumnal glow in your home this week. Credit

Mummy Pumpkin
A twist on the traditionally frightening pumpkin, this Mummy design idea will be so easy to make at home by just slicing right through the whole pumpkin! Credit & Tutorial

Calligraphy Pumpkins
Spell it out with your pumpkins and experiment with your fonts too. Calligraphy is very popular right now but your can also just go for bold block letters to get your message across. Credit

Cookie Cutter Carving Hack
This pumpkin carving hack makes the task of creating intricate shapes in your pumpkins so much easier! Use cookie cutters to hammer shapes into your pumpkin - something we're sure would be lots of fun with the little ones. Plus, with so many cookie cutter shapes available, the possibilities are endless! Credit & Tutorial

Before you begin your pumpkin carving, remember to check out our top tips to pick the perfect pumpkin for your creative and keep your pumpkin looking fresher for longer too!