15 May 2014

A Morph Suit and Some Inspiration

We’ve just taken taken stock of these super awesome Kidz Skinz and we think they rock!!
Morph suits have taken the costume industry by storm the last few months for adults. An incredibly easy costume idea, just step in, zip it up and away you go. But certain to cause a create a few giggles and a good time!

Now it’s the kids turn.

Whilst these Second Skin Suits are a brilliantly fun fancy dress in themselves, we think they are also a great basis from which to create another fancy dress costume too. Utilising the Kidz Skinz to the max!

For instance, take a blue suit, add some white shorts and hat, and you’ll instantly become a top childhood favourite. A Smurf! Easy.

Or carefully cut out some bones, pin to the black suit and turn this simple Kidz Skin into a Skeleton! Great for Halloween. Another idea for the black suit is to stick on glow in the dark stars and planets for a truly unique galaxy space costume.

With the Football World Cup just around the corner, we see lots of potential for the white suit. Get creative with to strips of red material, pin them to across the front of the suit for a improvised English flag costume. Great for the patriotic and footy mad kids out there.

The options for wearing these Kidz Skinz are endless. The more creative you are the more impressive the results! Order your Kidz Skinz costumes online now or pop in store to pick out your favourite colour in person.

What other ideas do you have for customising a morph suit?