20 May 2014

How to Make Crepe Paper Tassels

We love a crafty little tutorial at Flingers! You guys couldn’t get enough of our earlier How to Decorate with Crepe Paper Streamers tutorial, and so we wanted to share another DIY way to use crepe paper and create party decorations or accessories for presents!
DIY Tiny Crepe Paper Tassels - Oh Happy Days Blog
This is a super simple tutorial which will only take a few minutes to complete. We think these adorable crepe paper tassels look great used to accessorise party presents or goody bags. Alternatively, thread these tassels onto a piece of cord or ribbon to make an awesome crepe paper tassel garland! Perfect for decorating a party, playroom or even just to add a bit of colour to a bedroom!

How to create Crepe Paper Tassels:
Start by taking some strips of crepe paper and fold a pile of them in half. Take a sharp scissors and make thin cuts from the rough edge straight up towards the fold. Then unfold the crepe paper, keeping all the thin strips together. Twist a bunch of these strips around as illustrated below, keeping the twists tight so that they stay in position.
Carefully fold the bunch in half and continue to twist until secure. Feel free to add a little blob of glue to secure in place in necessary. Repeat the process until you have the desired amount of super cute tiny tassels!!
Remember to use a range of different colours that co-ordinate to your party colour scheme or wrapping paper. You could even layer up a selection of different coloured crepe papers at the beginning of the tutorial to create multi-colour tassels. 

We think these are great!

Will you be trying the DIY tassel tutorial?

Images sourced: almalusplaceblog.com