8 May 2014

Eurovision Party Tips

Prepare for a weekend of cheesy Euro pop, Eurovision is upon us! This weekend sees the 59th Eurovision Song Contest being held in wonderful Copenhagen. Eurovision is the perfect excuse for a good old fashioned party, inviting all your friends around for food, party games and bad dancing!
Waterloo Costume

No Eurovision party is complete without some fabulous fancy dress, and we think our ABBA costumes are perfect to bring out your inner dancing queen! Browse our range of fancy dress costumes online, as well as some Eurovision decorations and plenty of tableware if your planning a party with snacks.

Snacks are in fact key! It is a long night in, so prepare a creative feast of yummy snacks to keep your guests up on their feet dancing the night away. Why not theme your buffet to suit your favourite Eurovision countries? For instance, some delicious bratwurst for Germany, meatballs for Sweden, tapas for Spain and pork pies for Great Britain! The options are endless.

How about a little sweepstake to keep your guests entertained until the very end? We've discovered this great sweepstake score board you can download from the BBC website. Write the name of each country in the competition down on a slip of paper and get your guests to draw a name out of a hat one by one. If you charge a little fee to enter, then the guest who draws the winning country gets to keep the bounty, or wins a little party prize!
2014 Eurovision Sweepstake - BBC
We think this is a great idea for a Eurovison party game. If you are only inviting over a handful of your closest friends, maximise your chances of winning by entering the sweepstake multiple times until all the countries are taken up!

Will you be holding an Eurovision sweep stake?