28 May 2014

'When I Grow Up' Party

When planning a party, the hardest part can be coming up with an awesome theme to get everyone dressed up, involved and ready to have fun. For adults, some of the best parties can be those where, for one night, we get return to our childhood and get nostalgic.

We think a great party theme is 'When I Grow Up I Wanted To Be...’. Everyone who attends the party has to dress up as the one thing that as a child, they really wanted to be when they grew up! This party theme is great for including every single guest and for being a easy conversation starter on the night.

So what dream job did you aspire to have? Did you want to train as a Doctor? A Nurse? Or even a Surgeon?

Were you an action man kind of child? Was it your dream to be in the armed forces? How about dressing up as a very respectable Naval Officer, a Fireman, or a Police Officer?

One we’re sure will be a popular choice at this kind of party is the Airline Pilot. And of course the Air Hostesses! Always a glamourous looking career.

The list is endless for fancy dress options at this kind of party which is what makes it so fun! At Flingers we have a huge range of career inspired fancy dress costumes available online now. Check out the whole range and see if you can spot the one thing you aspired to be as a child.

Do you think you would try this party theme?