2 May 2014

Baby Shower Party Games

Are you about to celebrate the Stork dropping off a special baby-shaped surprise for you, a close friend or family member?

If so, we expect you are looking to plan a truly grand baby shower with oodles of fun times and great memories for the Mum-To-Be. Well at Flingers we are here to help!

We have lined up some of our favourite baby shower games for you to get inspired to entertain and involve all your baby shower guests. The best thing about these games is just how simple they are, but we’re sure they will be tons of fun once they get underway.

Don’t Say ‘BABY’
Possibly the most simple baby shower game of all, it is a great game that everyone can get involved with! The premise of the game is that at the beginning of the baby shower, everyone attending must pin 5 pink clothing pegs onto themselves. Throughout the day, should anyone utter the word banned word, ‘baby’, the nearest person must call them out and grab one of their pegs. We know how tricky is must be not to say the word ‘baby’ at a baby shower, but that is what makes this game so fun! The person at the end of the day who has the most pegs on their person wins!

Guess the Due Date
This is another simple baby shower game which can involve everyone at the party. Simply ask all the guests, friends and family members to guess what day the baby will arrive on and they can win a little prize if they guess correctly! Mark their name on the chosen day with a stamp, or a even a piece of baby themed confetti. The prettier the calendar, the prettier it will be hanging up on your wall until the baby arrives and the winner is announced!

Secrets Revealed
Secrets Revealed -Baby Shower Party Game
A fun trivia game for all to get involved with at the baby shower. Guests write down their answers to the questions on the trivia cards which come from 5 different categories ranging from topics such as ‘The Dad’, ‘The Birth’ and ‘The Conception’! Then, the Mum-To-Be faces all the questions, revealing her answers and we’re sure revealing a few secrets along the way! The person who gets the most answers right, wins the game.

Best of all, this fun baby shower game is available for just £2.99!

Baby Shower Party Game Book
Tiny Bundle Party Game Book
If you are looking for more fun baby shower party gamea, we can throughly recommend The Tiny Bundle Party Game Book. Available now at Flingers for only £1.99, it is full of great party game ideas to entertain guests at your baby shower.

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Are you planning a Baby Shower soon?