22 May 2014

Keeping The Kids Entertained at a Wedding

We all know how tricky it can be to keep children occupied, entertained and happy at a wedding. A long day full or traditions, routines and waiting around! So we have gathered together some of our favourite ideas of ways to keep the young ones entertained throughout the reception and into the night.

Create a Children’s Corner
The great thing about children at weddings is how much they love to meet and integrate with all the other children there. Even the ones they have never met before! Designate one table in the room to be the children’s play area. Cover it with drawing paper and plenty of crayons, stickers and pencils for them to draw the day away! 

Wedding Games Room
Alternatively, create a games corner or a hire an extra room from the venue and fill it with giant Jenga, Connect4, hopscotch and other childhood favourites. The best thing about this idea is that it is sure to be a hit with the adults too!
Goodie Bag Surprises
In the run up to the wedding, gather a selection of little gifts, toys and goodies which you can present to each child on the day. If you’re planning a rustic themed wedding then this children’s activity kit would be perfect to co-ordinate with the whole day! Sure to keep the little ones quiet for a few hours.

Disposable Camera Scavenger Hunt
This is a great one to keep the older kids entertained throughout the whole day. Supply each youngster, or each table with one disposable camera along with a list of key photographs they need to take. The first to get them all ticked off the list, or the one to take the funniest photos once they are developed wins! Request photos such as ‘the oldest person in the room’, 'the bride and groom kissing’, ’someone pulling the funniest face’, etc.

Balloon Drop
At the end of the evening, when the party really begins, prepare for a big balloon drop to surprise the guests. A beautiful and dramatic way to celebrate the first dance, plus all those balloons are sure to keep young and old entertained for a while! At Flingers we have a great Balloon Drop Kit which includes a balloon pump, balloon bags and fun multicoloured balloons, all for just £11.99. Alternatively, buy the Balloon Drop Bag for just £3.69 so that you can fill it with coloured balloons of your choice to coordinate with the wedding theme!
For the real wow factor, pick up a Large Ballon Drop Net which can hold up to 1300 balloons!

Now that’s a lot of balloon blowing!!

Would you love to see a Balloon Drop at a Wedding?